At Chronicality, our aim is to empower and inspire the chronic illness community with useful, science-backed health information geared at unique and often complicated diagnoses. Chronic illness is a technicality — a Chronicality — that sets the terms in someone’s life, but it doesn’t have to have all the control. Our mission: to give you the tools you need to manage your chronic illness and live a life you love, on your own terms.

The Chronicality Team

Kristen Domonell
Co-Founder and Editorial Director

Kristen DomonellCo-Founder and Editorial Director

Kristen is a Seattle-based writer and editor who has spent the past seven years specializing in health, fitness and nutrition reporting. Her work has appeared on Prevention, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, DailyBurn, Vice, The Huffington Post, CNN and The Daily Beast, among others. After seeing the many ways chronic illness can derail lives, she was inspired to channel her passion and experience into creating a resource where people can turn to feel a sense of connection after receiving isolating diagnoses. She holds a master’s degree in health communication from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s in journalism from Marist College.

Sanaz Amirpour

Sanaz Amirpour | Chronicality.com

An entrepreneur at heart, Sanaz started her first business at the age of three, marketing and selling her handmade pinwheels to overly patient and generous neighbors. After years of suppressing her entrepreneurial spirit and working as a marketing exec for a global language school based in Malta, Sanaz decided to follow her side passion in health and wellness by starting Positively Strong Health Solutions, providing tailored solutions in exercise training and sports nutrition. She has come to realize that systematic societal issues are affecting individual health and solutions lie in education, better communication and an understanding of patient experiences. She is armed with a master’s degree in health communication from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree from University of Toronto.

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